Rhoda Grant MSP
Fairer Fares

Highlands & Islands Regional MSP, Rhoda Grant, commenting further on the Scottish Government’s failure to offer financial support by fair funding for internal ferry services in the Northern Isles, says the Government have reneged on a promise they made in 2014 and basically left constituents in the Northern isles high and dry.

She said “ In his speech on the draft budget statement yesterday in the Scottish Parliament, Derek Mackay, the Finance Secretary, made no mention of fair funding for ferry services in the Northern Isles, this despite a 2014 promise that

‘provision of transport services should not place a disproportionate financial burden on any council, particularly with reference to revenue support for ferry services.’

“In my speech on the inter islands ferries debate on 6th December 2017, I said that failure to do that would show that the Government has no interest in island proofing or supporting our islands, only in providing warm words and little action.

“The Islands (Scotland) Bill is going through Parliament to ensure island communities are not disadvantaged, yet this Government refuse to treat them equally."

Link to Rhoda's speech in the debate on inter islands ferries >>>