Candidate Robina Barton welcomes launch of Labour Manifesto.  
Robina Barton, Labour Candidate for Orkney and Shetland has welcomed the launch of the Labour Party Manifesto..

She said “Labour will create a fairer society with a strong economy for the future that makes life better for the many, not the few. Labour’s programme of tax reform will clamp down on tax avoidance by those at the top, freeing up billions to invest in vital public services.”

The NHS will receive an additional £37 billion over the course of the next Parliament, including £10 billion of capital funding to make sure that NHS buildings and IT systems are fit for the modern day.

Labour will implement a real Living Wage of £10 an hour and protect pensioner incomes, keeping the Triple Lock on state pensions over the lifetime of the next parliament, and committing to keep the Winter Fuel Allowance and free bus passes.

Labour will back first-time buyers, building 100,000 genuinely affordable homes a year to rent and buy by the end of the next Parliament.

Labour will stop cuts to school budgets, introduce free universal school meals for primary school children, and bring back maintenance grants for students from low and middle income backgrounds.

Robina said, “The choice in this election is clear. If we want to see real change, if we want to see people’s lives and prospects improve, if we want to see an end to food banks and poverty then we need to get the Tories out. The only party that can do that is Labour.”

Labour’s Robina Barton launches values-based campaign

Labour Candidate Robina Rendall Barton has launched her bid to be the MP for Orkney and Shetland.

Robina, 39, stood for Labour in the Scottish Parliamentary elections last year coming third behind the incumbent Tavish Scott (Lib Dem) and the late Danus Skene (SNP).

Robina’s campaign will focus on Labour values and a number of key issues including the NHS, education, housing, the environment and violence against women.

Through a combination of statements, public events and door knocking she is hoping to rally people to the Labour cause, starting with a letter in this week’s paper.

She has previously stated to the Shetland Times that she finds politics tiresome.

Her view is that too much time and press coverage is spent on petty squabbling instead of actively seeking solutions to the problems faced by our society.

She has expressed a hope that in this election people will listen to what each of the candidates has to say and give serious thought to how they place their vote.

She has also stated that while she may make use of Facebook she is going to give Twitter a miss.

‘I did set up a Twitter account for the Scottish elections but to be honest I didn’t want to use it.

“If something is worth saying in relation to an important and complex issue then it’s going to need more than 140 characters and I think people need to come to terms with that.’

Throughout the course of the campaign she will be touring both Shetland and Orkney but will not be able to cover as much ground as she would have liked due to the limited time available.

She said :‘In the Scottish Elections last year I made a point of trying to visit the outer islands but since we only have a month and I have both Orkney and Shetland to consider that is not going to be possible this time.

I’m disappointed because all the islands are different and it’s important to hear the range of views.

I will be setting up a couple of phone conferences which I hope will allow people to engage and give me their questions and concerns. I’ll advertise in the Shetland Times and Orcadian and I do urge people to pick up the phone and challenge me. Failing that an email or FB message will do just as well’.

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Candidate with Orkney ties standing for Labour in the General Election

1st. May 2017

The Labour Party Candidate for Orkney and Shetland in the General Election on June 8th will be Robina Rendall Barton.

Robina, 39, stood for Labour in the Scottish Parliamentary elections last year coming third behind the incumbent Tavish Scott (Lib Dem) and the late Danus Skene (SNP).

She has lived in Shetland for eleven years but has strong family connections to the North Isles.

Born a Rendall, in Sunderland to staunch Labour parents in 1977, she has been a lifelong visitor to family in Shetland but believes her Rendall ancestors originated in Orkney and would be glad to hear from anyone who could help her find out more.

Barton said ‘I feel compelled to stand in this election because I am appalled by the developments we have seen in the UK and beyond in recent times - the rise and rise of Scottish Nationalism, the game playing of the Tories in relation to the UKs membership of the EU, and the lies that have been told to our electorate, seemingly with impunity.

Most worryingly, as we lurch from referendum to election the day-to-day government of the country is suffering, and inevitably those who are already struggling in our society find their lives made even harder - an example that springs to mind is the abhorrent Tory rape clause.’

She has stated that she will not begin active campaigning until after the local elections on May 5th, and urges the electorate in Orkney and Shetland to engage with selecting local representatives and use their vote.

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